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Both teachers and students are making more active use of mass media, digital media and popular culture as tools for literacy and learning. But teachers may feel some fear, uncertainty and doubt when students incorporate copyrighted images or clips from Disney films into their writing. If you have wondered about what the law says about the use of mass media and popular culture to promote critical thinking and communication skills in (and out) of the classroom for teaching and learning purposes. this webinar is for you! In this session, you will learn:

  • why there's so much confusion and misunderstanding out there, and how it affects students and teachers in both K-12 and college
  • why the old "educational use guidelines" -- those specific rules about usage-- actually interfere with public understanding of copyright law itself
  • why the doctrine of fair use is so important for educators and students
  • how to use reasoning and critical thinking to determine whether (or not) a specific use of copyrighted materials is a fair use
  • how copyright law applies to the creation, sharing and (even) the selling of curriculum materials that use excerpts from mass media and popular culture
  • how copyright law apples to student creative work--- and the sharing of that work to authentic audiences
  • what the Code of Best Practices for Fair Use in Media Literacy Education is and how it can help educators advocate for their rights under the law
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