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The online writing course experience opens many opportunities to help students develop and improve their writing. But these opportunities fizzle if an instructor is faced with evaluating 2,000 words or more a week from every student. How do you create meaningful assignments and projects for students without creating an overwhelming amount of grading and assessment? This seminar will offer a pedagogical and philosophical approach to reasonable evaluation while providing specific assignments, grading strategies, and rubrics. I will also present ways of changing the overall course grading scheme to reflect the amount of online writing in a course. The audience members will learn:

  • How to change the weight of assignments for the online writing course
  • How to assess and grade specific writing assignments

Scott Warnock is Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Freshman Writing Program at Drexel University.  Dr. Warnock specializes in using technology to enhance writing instruction in courses across the curriculum.  His research interests include the influence of digital tools on the writing process, new tools for writing assessment, and science and medical rhetoric.  He is the co-author of The Writing Tutor and has articles in such journals as Science Communication, Learning Technology, and The Teaching Professor

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