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This Web seminar is part of a series focused on skills and teaching practices that are essential to successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards. School leaders, coaches, and teachers will learn strategies for gearing up for the demands of the CCSS. 

The most common purposes of assessment in secondary classrooms are to certify acquisition of knowledge or skills, to sort students, and to generate grades.  This web seminar will help participants re-imagine assessment as a tool for creating better mental constructs of their students as readers and learners and, consequently, as a valuable means of guiding day-to-day instruction.
Using the Standards for the Assessment of Reading and Writing as a foundational document, the presenter will share an inquiry-assessment cycle, including

  • generating  key questions teachers might pose about their students, using the Common Core Standards as a possible starting point
  • constructing  tools to help gather the information teachers need to begin to answer those questions
  • planning and delivering instructional responses that support the needs identified through assessment.

Instructional responses will be framed around the Gradual Release of Responsibility model, valuing teacher modeling and differentiated instruction, both of which are informed significantly by assessment information.
Participants will take from the seminar both a sense of the philosophical/theoretical stance of reading assessment as an act of teacher inquiry and a practical overview of some tools and responses that are most useful in enacting such a stance.

Scott Filkins is the author of Beyond Standardized Truth: Supporting Adolescent Learners through Inquiry-Based Reading Assessment  (NCTE, Available September 2012).  He has worked as an educator in the Champaign Unit 4 schools in a variety of roles, including English teacher and department chair, reading teacher, instructional coach, and (currently) curriculum coordinator for English language arts and social studies, grades 6-12. He also co-directs the University of Illinois Writing Project and is a doctoral student at Illinois in curriculum and instruction, with a focus on language and literacy and writing studies.  Scott worked at the National Council of Teachers of English on the project and currently serves on the ReadWriteThink advisory board for the International Reading Association.  He lives in Urbana, Illinois, with his son Colin.

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