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In the 21st century, students not only have to know facts, but they have to be skilled “information managers.”  They must get the main idea and its supportive details along with the principle argument and the underlying evidence. One of the greatest gifts we can teach students is how to distill salient information, no matter how it's presented.  Summarization is one of few strategies that ensures long -term retention of student learning and students' autonomy, yet many of us don't understand how to break out what we are asking students to do when we tell them to summarize texts or experiences.  Focusing on practical applications, this Web Seminar presents the specific steps of summarization, its impact on learning, and dozens of summarization techniques for all subject areas, not just English.  Join us for an eye-opening session on the power of summarization!

As a result of this Web Seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Define summarization
  • Articulate the cognitive science principles behind effective summarization
  • Articulate why summarization is so effective as a teaching tool
  • Identify and convey to students the specific actions taken when summarizing effectively
  • Present and use multiple summarization techniques with their students, creating both teachers' and students' summarization versatility
  • Identify specific parallels between summarization success and reading comprehension
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