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This Web seminar is part of a series focused on skills and teaching practices that are essential to successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards. School leaders, coaches, and teachers will learn strategies for gearing up for the demands of the CCSS.

The Web seminar introduces and describes close reading as well as various strategies for engaging readers in the practice of representing these close readings in academic writing across disciplines. Heavily featured in the Common Core State Standards, close reading is a cognitively demanding task. Meeting the academic language demands of representing close reading in academic writing is equally challenging, both for ELLs and ALLs (Academic Language Learners). The leaders of the seminar will discuss strategies that can be implemented school-wide to promote a 360 degree process approach to teaching the skills and language required to make arguments about text effectively.  The session will focus on the following topics:

  • understanding how to increase rigor and engagement with close reading and academic writing  through debatifying the curriculum using evidence-based argumentation as a core common practice.
  • developing a common language for critical literacy within a school and using that stable vocabulary as a gateway for comprehension and expression in all aspects of literacy work.
  • understanding the language demands of representing close readings in academic writing within a discipline (in this case poetry) and demonstrating how such language transfers across disciplines.
  • using a multi-modal process approach to helping students acquire the skills to construct and represent meaning for academic purposes.
  • using mentor texts, essential vocabulary, and portable sentence frames to help students acquire and practice the language required to express the power of their  ideas.
  • supporting teachers in acquiring the skills and content knowledge to lead this learning.

Eileen Murphy is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for the Pershing Network in Chicago Public Schools. She has led the implementation of an evidence-based argumentation initiative in nearly 40 schools, reaching students from grades 3-12. She has been a leader in the CCSS in Literacy rollout efforts in CPS, which kicked-of with a special day of programming on CCSS and Differentiating Instruction at the 2011 NCTE Annual Convention. She is the author of the NCTE book, 360 Degrees of Text: Using Poetry to Teach Close Reading and Powerful Writing.

Deirdre Bolen is in her ninth year of teaching at a Chicago Public School where a majority of her students are from low income homes with Spanish being their primary language.  She began to implement CERCA and close reading within both her Language Arts and Social Studies classes last year and continues to teach the strategies primarily within her Social Studies curriculum. Deirdre provides professional development for middle school teachers focusing on the implementation of CERCA and close reading through centers-based instruction. She is also currently leading a team in developing an innovative college preparatory middle school program.

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