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Several years of implementing Common Core (or a similar version of new state standards) have taught us a spectrum of lessons. We've learned the value of incorporating more non-fiction texts and have gotten much more deliberate about teaching argument. We look for primary sources first and think about poetry not only as a separate unit, but as the pursuit of poetic language in all kinds of contexts.

Some of the lessons of Common Core, however, have not led to a sense of forward-motion. One of the common effects of interpreting the Standards has been to reduce teaching to a lot of tasks, a checklist aimed at meeting the standards. Sadly, this often leaves teachers and students feeling like their learning has been anesthetized. If that's the place you're in, this webinar will help you think about turning that space into one that feels like meaningful teaching again. With a specific focus on examining the difference between close reading and reading closely, we'll look at ways we can re-frame close-reading tasks to be a more integrated part of authentic literacy practices. Providing the tools for comprehending, consuming, critiquing, and creating in today’s age of information.

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Sarah Brown Wessling is a veteran high school English language arts teacher at Johnston High School in Johnston, Iowa.  She was the 2010 National Teacher of the Year.  




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