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Ted Kooser, former US Poet Laureate, gives this advice to aspiring poets: "Before you write one poem, you need to read at least one hundred." Countless other professional writers give the same advice: read if you want to learn to write well. When teachers of writing use a predictable framework for planning genre studies, a framework that always begins with reading immersion in the genre, students come to recognize the teaching and the reading habit of mind that informs it. In this web seminar, Katie Wood Ray will introduce participants to a predictable framework that teachers can use again and again to plan units of study in genre in their writing workshops. In this hour, she will overview:


  • The role of reading immersion in helping students have vision for their writing.
  • Resources for finding short, well written examples of writing in different genres.
  • Questions to frame the way students study examples of writing in a genre.
  • Lines of thinking to help teachers decide which genre studies make sense for their students.
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