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This Web seminar is part of a series focused on skills and teaching practices that are essential to successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards. School leaders, coaches, and teachers will learn strategies for gearing up for the demands of the CCSS.

The authors of the Common Core Standards clearly articulate the importance of technology in teaching and learning.  Although specific strategies for the integration of technology in curriculum and instruction are not stated, the Standards do articulate skills in response to the reality of our Digital Age.  In the introduction for the Common Core State Standards, the authors outline what college and career readiness in reading, writing, speaking , listening, and language looks like by the time students graduate high school.  It is evident that the technology tools (that are literally at our fingertips) must be integrated into our literacy instruction in all grades and content areas. 

There are many resources that can support your planning for integration of technology into your classes.  This webinar will focus on some basic and essential tools for instruction that develop literacy skills and meet the expectations articulated in the Common Core State Standards. Participants in this session will:

  • Develop a greater understanding of the expectations for using technology in the development of literacy skills as articulated in the Common Core State Standards.
  • Identify, share, and explore technology tools that support the development of reading, writing, speaking listening, and language skills.
  • Analyze and discuss literacy lessons that effectively integrate technology to promote rigorous learning and thinking.
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