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This Web seminar is part of a series focused on skills and teaching practices that are essential to successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards. School leaders, coaches, and teachers will learn strategies for gearing up for the demands of the CCSS.

In this Web seminar you will learn to avoid “Random Acts of Differentiating” by designing lessons around a practical framework that clearly defines where to effectively differentiate in your lesson:  Chunk (Input), Chew (Process) and Check (Output).  Using Core Curriculum learning objectives, we will build a toolkit of do-able, brain-researched strategies that engage ALL learners and make your teaching fun and meaningful

Participants in this session will:

  • learn simple ways to gather data about your students' learning profiles to help you differentiate in ways they learn best and help them own how they learn best.
  • teach in smaller “chunks,” with more time to “chew.”  (Why? Because the chewing is where the learning is happening.)
  • teach student to “chew” on vocabulary the way they learn best.
  • develop ways to build student accountability by having students “check” themselves.
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