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Katherine provides participants with protocols and templates to use that will help you see what your students are doing well in order to help them want to revise and write more.  Most often, when we skim student writing, we look through deficit eyes—noticing what’s wrong and what’s missing. Instead, we might approach teaching writing by noticing what is already there—what  unique gifts and strengths our students have and naming those hidden gems the way writers would, using language of craft rather than rubrics and scores. Students will begin to feel like real apprentices learning an art.

With on-the-spot, newfound insights into particular students in your classroom, you will be able to go straight to them the next day and tell them what dozens of teachers had to say about the particular beauty and brilliance in their writing.  The kids are guaranteed to beam and smile in response, and you will have new paths to follow with these students in their journey of learning to write well.

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