English Language Arts Teacher Educators (ELATE) membership is $25 a year for NCTE members and includes a subscription to English Education.

English Education (Green) is an online publication and a benefit of ELATE membership.

Published in October, January, April, and July.


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English Education is a publication of English Language Arts Teacher Educators (ELATE), formerly the Conference on English Education (CEE), and is a benefit of ELATE membership. English Education serves teachers who are engaged in the preparation, support, and continuing education of teachers of English language arts/literacy at all levels of instruction.

Benefits of ELATE Membership

  • A subscription to English Education as well as online access to all NCTE journals in the archives that are over two years old.
  • Discount registration fees to attend the NCTE Annual Convention and occasional ELATE Conference.
  • Eligibility to join a ELATE Commission, which carry out much of the work of ELATE.
  • Eligibility for nomination to the ELATE Executive Committee, the governing body of ELATE, and the ELATE Nominating Committee.
  • Eligibility to make nominations for the ELATE Awards.
  • Eligibility to join or create a ELATE State Affiliate.
  • Access to online resources and communities maintained by ELATE and NCTE.

Subscription price includes membership in ELATE*
*Membership in NCTE is a prerequisite for joining ELATE. The "non-member" subscription fee reflects the price for receiving the journal and does not include membership in ELATE.