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From the Editor
Jonathan Alexander

Last Verse Same as the First? On Racial Justice and “Covering” Allyship in Compositionist Identities
Marnie Twigg
This article discusses strategies by which compositionists can use Kenji Yoshino’s theory on “covering” to identify rhetorical moves white compositionists make to “pass” as allies, so they can revise the moves effectively to support colleagues and students of color.

Writing Studies’ Concessions to the English-Only Movement: Revisiting CCCC’s National Language Policy and Its Reception
Katherine S. Flowers
This article analyzes how public policymakers responded to CCCC’s 1988 National Language Policy. While many treated CCCC as a leading critic of English-only policies, others interpreted the organization to be more of a hesitant critic, or even an outright ally of the English-only movement. Rather than cede rhetorical ground to monolingual ideologies, policies, and movements, I argue for language policies that place less emphasis on English and more on language as a right and a translingual practice.

Translating a Path to College: Literate Resonances of Migrant Child Language Brokering
Kaia L. Simon
Although scholars have studied migrant children who translate for their families, less is known about how these experiences matter for life-long literacy experiences. This article argues that child language brokers develop advanced skills in literacy and rhetoric from which they draw throughout their lives, in multiple contexts.

Two-Year College Teacher-Scholar-Activism: Reconstructing the Disciplinary Matrix of Writing Studies
Christie Toth, Patrick Sullivan, and Carolyn Calhoon-Dillahunt
Two-year college faculty have begun articulating a teacher-scholar-activist professional identity. After tracing the emergence of this concept and calls for solidarity in two-year college writing studies, we draw on two case studies to advocate for cross-sector disciplinary alliances that expand educational opportunity, improve professional equity, and advance social justice.

Special Section: FORUM: Issues about Part-Time and Contingent Faculty
FORUM: Issues about Part-Time and Contingent Faculty is a peer-reviewed publication concerning working conditions, professional life, activism, and perspectives of non-tenure-track faculty in college

A Study of the Practices and Responsibilities of Scholarly Peer Review in Rhetoric and Composition
Lars Söderlund and Jaclyn Wells
This article presents findings of an interview study with twenty rhetoric and composition scholars. Findings focus on the responsibilities of reviewers, editors, and writers in scholarly peer review. The authors make several recommendations for improving peer review practices and call for a field-wide discussion of and research about the topic.

Interchanges: Response to Inman and Powell’s “In the Absence of Grades: Dissonance and Desire in Course-Contract Classrooms”
Lindsey Albracht, Al Harahap, Amanda Pratt, Ranmali Rodrigo, Clare Russell, and Virginia M. Schwarz; Response from Joyce Olewski Inman and Rebecca A. Powell

2018 Exemplar Award Acceptance Speech: Believing in the Cause: Composing’s Past, Present, and Future
Kathleen Blake Yancey
This is the text of Kathleen Blake Yancey’s acceptance speech given at the 2018 CCCC Annual Convention.


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