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Editor’s Introduction: Energy, Engagement, and Agendas
Holly Hassel

Feature: In the Palm of My Hand: The Efficacy of Mobile Devices in a Community College Developmental Writing Class
Alfred Siha
Abstract: This study explores two community college developmental writing courses that made use of mobile devices and apps, specifically iPads and iPhones, iTunes U, and Apple Books as primary learning materials and devices.

Feature: Editing, Translation, and Recovery Work in Community College English Classes
Christopher Leary
Abstract: This article positions community college students as co-researchers who participate in the author’s inquiry into the rhetorical practices of anthology editors.

Instructional Note: Let’s Talk about Grades
Amy F. Miller
Abstract: Waiting until the one-on-one conference to return graded papers allows me to ensure students learn how to read and interpret feedback as a tool for growth.

Special Section: Forum, Issues about Part-Time and Contingent Faculty

Personal Essay: Being Liminal: Life as an HOH Teacher
Marianne Cotugno
Abstract: This personal essay addresses the intersections of my experiences as a HOH (Hard of Hearing) person and my teaching.

What Works for Me: Teaching Students to Engage Scholarly Sources: A Sequential Assignment
Trisha Brady
Abstract: Trisha Brady shares her efforts to help students use and integrate scholarly sources into their own thinking.


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