Theme: Language Learning and Linguistic Diversity


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Theme: Language Learning and Linguistic Diversity

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Kindergartners’ Writing in a Dual-Language Classroom
Eurydice Bauer
This article focuses on one teacher’s use of translanguaging and buddy pairs to support her students’ writing. By deploying all of their language and dialect resources while actively and verbally reflecting on their own language development, kindergarten students working in buddy pairs developed specific writing skills. By using activities such as morning message, playing language detectives, engaging in regular writing, using books to learn about writing, following the teacher’s model, and preparing graphic organizers to promote talk, students were able to capture their ideas in writing, organize and expand on their writing, write with detail, and feel that they had an audience for their writing.

Language, Culture, and the Education of Indigenous Children: An Interview with Mary Eunice Romero-Little
Maneka Deanna Brooks
Drawing on decades of research expertise, community knowledge, and professional experiences as an educator, Dr. Mary Eunice Romero-Little provides insights into pivotal language issues that impact the literacy development and education of young Indigenous children.

Research & Policy: Developing Bilingualism and Biliteracy in Early and Middle Childhood
Miledis Gort
In this column, the author synthesizes key findings about bilingual and biliterate development in childhood, and specifically, how bilingualism is related to children’s language and literacy development.

Language Arts Lessons: Translanguaging in Every Classroom
Mikel W. Cole
This column provides an overview of a variety of translanguaging strategies that teachers can use in both English-only and multilingual classrooms.

Children’s Literature Reviews: The 2018 Notable Children’s Books in the English Language Arts
Notable Children’s Books in ELA Committee of NCTE’s Children’s Literature Assembly: Diana Porter, Cynthia Alaniz, Jane Bean-Folkes, Sue Corbin, Jeanne Fain, S. Rebecca Leigh, and Jennifer Sanders
The 2018 Notable Children’s Books in the English Language Arts, unique in language and/or style, encourage readers to discover quality texts that linger long after the pages have been read. This list is compiled every year by a special committee of the Children's Literature Assembly.

Perspectives on Practice: Sustaining Bilingualism: Multimodal Arts Experiences for Young Readers and Writers
Cecilia M. Espinosa and Alison Lehner-Quam
In this article, we explore kindergartners’ engagement in multimodal read-aloud experiences with Marta! Big & Small, a bilingual book with a bilingual character like them.