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Editor’s Introduction: New Frames of Mind
Holly Hassel

Feature: Class Size and First-Year Writing: Exploring the Effects on Pedagogy and Student Perception of Writing Process
Cassandra Phillips and Greg Ahrenhoerster
Abstract: This essay describes the process and findings of a class size research project at an access institution.

Feature: Conclusion to Literature
Paul T. Corrigan
Abstract: By reconceiving the introductory general education literature course as “Conclusion to Literature,” foregrounding the ends of reading literature—its human significance—we may not only make a difference in students’ lives but also forestall the end of literary studies.

Instructional Note: Career Exploration, Composition, and Creative Writing
Michelle Shin
Abstract: This article is about combining career exploration with composition and creative writing to engage students with relevance and motivation as they explore their future careers.

Instructional Note: The Social Dimension of the Community College Classroom
Ruth Kiefson
Abstract: By facilitating metacognitive conversations in the community college classroom, we can introduce our students to the process of active, engaged reading.

Instructional Note: A Sequence for Teaching the Sentence
Peter Wayne Moe
Abstract: This Instructional Note offers an assignment sequence that invites students and teachers into the rhetorical possibilities of the sentence.

Conceding Composition: A Crooked History of Composition’s Institutional Fortunes, by Ryan Skinnell
Reviewed by Craig A. Meyer


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