Issue Theme: Teaching Literacy as a Tool for Social Action


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Issue Theme: Teaching Literacy as a Tool for Social Action

From the Editors
Sally Brown and Deborah MacPhee

Exploring Subjectivity in Realistic Fiction on International Topics: The Possibilities of Poststructural Content Analysis
Kinga Varga-Dobai
Abstract: The author describes using realistic fiction on international topics to help preservice teachers question the underlying ideology of a text and learn how to interpret and read a text in multiple ways.

Becoming a Bilingual Reader as Linguistic and Identity Enactments
Bobbie Kabuto
Abstract: Bobbie Kabuto examines the dialogic relationships between social contexts, reader identities, and the development of proficient bilingual reading behaviors in a case study of a young Spanish- and English-speaking child.

“What if I offend someone?” Collaborating on Critical Literacy Initiatives by Engaging Others in Small Ways
Laura Darolia
Abstract: The author describes the journey of Olivia, a third-year teacher, as she reaches out to colleagues for support in developing a social justice curriculum for her second graders.

Classroom Voices
Abstract: Fifth-grade students mount a museum-type exhibit on the Power of Language to explore questions of race, culture, identity, and society.

WLU on the Move! President’s Message and Board News
Abstract: WLU President Roxanne Henkin's message and news of interest to WLU members.