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From the Editor
Jonathan Alexander

Student Affective Responses to “Bringing the Funk” in the First-Year Writing Classroom
Heather Bastian
Abstract: Writing educators have long sought to disrupt academic convention. However, we currently know little about students’ affective experiences when they are asked to compose differently. This article explores the results of a research study to illuminate the feelings and attitudes students experience when convention is disrupted and offers pedagogical suggestions based on the results.

Disturbing Public Memory in Community Writing Partnerships
Laurie Grobman
Abstract: This article analyzes a public memory pedagogical partnership that disturbed the public memory of a community organization as an egalitarian space. How students, community partners, and I negotiated privately and represented publicly this legacy of the United States’ worst shame required us—and me—to figure out what partnership and collaboration mean in this context, whose interests come first and why, and the ethical implications of my and our choices.

Writing Wakan: The Lakota Pipe as Rhetorical Object
David M. Grant
Abstract: Examining the chanupa, or ceremonial pipe, from a Lakota perspective reveals it as responding to a particular ontology and extends indigenous rhetorics to consider the ontological dimensions of communication. Distinctions between indigenous rhetorics and new materialist rhetorics bring greater attention to how groups and individuals constellate themselves as beings.

Pretty Bullets: Tracing Transmedia/Translingual Literacies of an Israeli Soldier across Regimes of Practice
Steven Fraiberg
Abstract: Tracing the literacy practices of an Israeli soldier, this case study examines how his engagement in multilingual and multimodal (MML) composing affects his ways of thinking about and doing literacy. It specifically attends to how MML practices dispose writers to certain orientations to reading, writing, speaking, and design.

SPECIAL SECTION: FORUM, Issues about Part-Time and Contingent Faculty
Abstract: FORUM: Issues about Part-Time and Contingent Faculty is a peer-reviewed publication concerning working conditions, professional life, activism, and perspectives of non-tenure-track faculty in college

Toward an Artful Critique of Reform: Responding to Standards, Assessment, and Machine Scoring
Jim Webber
Abstract: Proponents of reframing argue that prophetic pragmatism entails redirecting contemporary education reforms. While this judgment may defend our professional standing, it overlooks the consequences of redirecting reform’s appeals to global competition, which preclude public participation in defining the goals and measures of literacy education. This article forwards an alternate pragmatism for attending to the public consequences of reform discourse.

Review Essay: Transforming Literacy and Rhetorical Education from the Bottom Up
Karen Rowan
Books reviewed: Writing against Racial Injury: The Politics of Asian American Student Rhetoric by Haivan V. Hoang. Pittsburgh: U of Pittsburgh P, 2015. 180 pp.

Del Otro Lado: Literacy and Migration across the U.S.-Mexican Border  by Susan V. Meyers. Carbondale: Southern Illinois UP, 2014. 195 pp.

Transiciones: Pathways of Latinas and Latinos Writing in High School and College by Todd Ruecker. Logan: Utah State UP, 2015. 219 pp.

2016 CCCC Exemplar Award Acceptance Speech: Forty-Five Years as a Compositionist
Sondra Perl

Abstract: Editor’s note: The Exemplar Award is presented to a person who has served or serves as an exemplar of our organization, representing the highest ideals of scholarship, teaching, and service to the entire profession.


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