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Editor’s Introduction: A Mirror or a Lamp?
Holly Hassel
Abstract: Editor Holly Hassel introduces her first issue of TETYC.

Feature: Assessing the Accelerated Learning Program Model for Linguistically Diverse Developmental Writing Students
Leah Anderst, Jennifer Maloy, and Jed Shahar
Abstract: This article uses quantitative and qualitative means to assess the impact of an Accelerated Learning Program on the performance and satisfaction of students designated ESL and developmental at a large, urban community college.

Feature: Student-Athletes, Prior Knowledge, and Threshold Concepts
J. Michael Rifenburg
Abstract: Pulling data from a year-long case study into a Division II men’s basketball team, this article suggests how threshold concepts as currently conceptualized and implemented in first-year composition pedagogy and curriculum could more directly consider unique forms of literacies student-athletes bring into the classroom.

Instructional Note: The Literature of Work: Developing a Thematic Unit on Work
David B. Raymond
Abstract: This essay outlines a plan for developing a thematic unit on work to better engage career and technical students in the study of literature. Included in the essay are strategies for course structure, pedagogy, and writing assignments.

Feature: Writing Center Efficacy at the Community College: How Students, Tutors, and Instructors Concur and Diverge in Their Perceptions of Services
Ilona Missakian, Carol Booth Olson, Rebecca W. Black, and Tina Matuchniak
Abstract: In this exploratory study of community college writing centers, the responses of students, tutors, and instructors are analyzed to explore two issues: what writing challenges each group identifies and expects writing assistance with in the center and what perceptions the groups have of the efficacy of writing center assistance.

Feature: Developing a Cohesive Academic Literacy Program for Underprepared Students
Cassandra Phillips and Joanne Baird Giordano
Abstract: This article describes a statewide integrated developmental and first-year writing program that uses multiple measures placement data about college readiness to inform curriculum and faculty development.

Instructional Note: Online Peer Review across Sections
Lykourgos Vasileiou
Abstract: Conducting online peer review with students from other sections allows for a more writing-focused process.

What Works for Me: Using Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho to Demonstrate the Importance of Thoughtful Reading and Writing
Allison Bressmer
Abstract: Appreciating the details of a famous movie scene helps today’s visually oriented students recognize the importance of reading and writing with careful thought and awareness.

Review Essay: The Good Work of Writing Assessment That Reveals What the Field Lacks
Asao B. Inoue
Abstract: Books reviewed:
Assessing and Improving Student Writing in College: A Guide for Institutions, General Education, Departments, and Classrooms                                                                                                                                                                         
Very Like a Whale: The Assessment of Writing Programs


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