Issue Theme: Special Issue: The Two-Year College and National Trends/Developments in Higher Education


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Teaching English in the Two-Year College
Volume 43, Number 4, May 2016

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Editorial: Teaching, Teaching, Teaching in the Two-Year College
Jeff Sommers

Feature: The Risky Business of Engaging Racial Equity in Writing Instruction: A Tragedy in Five Acts
Taiyon J. Coleman, Renee DeLong, Kathleen Sheerin DeVore, Shannon Gibney, and Michael C. Kuhne
Abstract: This article and its five authors investigate how writing programs, writing instructors, and the profession itself engage in the erasure of race—of blackness and brownness specifically—and perhaps most importantly in a hesitancy to address white privilege.

Feature: Unpredictable Journeys: Academically At-Risk Students, Developmental Education Reform, and the Two-Year College
Joanne Baird Giordano and Holly Hassel
Abstract: This article reports findings from a study of thirty-eight academically underprepared first-year students’ transition to college and maps out the challenges and successes they experienced in their transition to college-level reading, writing, and thinking.

Feature: A Dubious Method of Improving Educational Outcomes: Accountability and the Two-Year College
Christie Toth, Patrick Sullivan, and Carolyn Calhoon-Dillahunt
Abstract: Responding to the Obama administration’s efforts to establish postsecondary performance based funding, the authors critique the neoliberal accountability movement’s misunderstandings of two-year colleges and their students, calling instead for a frame of mutual responsibility.

Feature: “In This Article, I Argue”: An Analysis of Metatext in Research Article Introductions
Teresa Thonney
Abstract: This article argues that students should be encouraged to use metatext to announce the purpose and organization of their academic papers.

Feature: Thematically Organized English Sections (TOES) at Spokane Community College: Creating Sustainable Faculty Professional Development
Jeannie Isern, Scott Orme, Angela Rasmussen, Andrea Reid, and Timothy Roe
Abstract: The Spokane Community College English Department received the 2015 Diana Hacker Award for Fostering Student Success. In this report, the authors describe the features of their award-winning program.

Abstract: Reviewed are:
Redesigning Composition for Multilingual Realities, by Jay Jordan. Reviewed by Jessie Casteel, Ben Good, Katherine Highfill, Elizabeth Keating, Rose Pentecost,Nidhi Rajkumar, Rachael Sears, Georgeann Ward, and Maurice Wilson.
Securing a Place for Reading in Composition, by Ellen C. Carillo. Reviewed by Ronna Levy.


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