To honor former Executive Director Kent Williamson, NCTE has created the Kent D. Williamson Policy and Advocacy Center in Washington, DC. 

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 The commitment of the National Council of Teachers of English to teacher expertise and leadership is essential to the Council’s mission and permeates all programs and initiatives. Throughout his tenure as Executive Director, Kent D. Williamson led the development of goals, projects, and advocacy to feature the professional voice of teachers in multiple settings across schools, colleges, and universities as well as at all levels of policy. To honor Kent’s leadership, NCTE created a new program and named an active center that will carry his commitment into the future.

Each year NCTE will name a Williamson Policy Advocate for a summer residency at the NCTE DC office, beginning in summer 2016. This P-16 teacher will be selected through an application process and will work with the NCTE staff to influence legislators and Department of Education leaders in support of NCTE’s policy positions. In addition to holding the summer residency, the Policy Advocate will follow state developments, participate in Advocacy Day and Advocacy Month, and share insights on the NCTE blog throughout the year. The Policy Advocate will be a visible demonstration of Kent’s commitment to capacity building and his belief in the essential role of all teachers in policy decision making.  

Because Kent was central in establishing NCTE’s policy work in the nation’s capital, NCTE has created the Kent D. Williamson Policy and Advocacy Center in Washington, DC. This Center promotes and coordinates NCTE's advocacy for public policy based on NCTE goals and positions, promoting active member involvement in school, district, institutional, state, and federal decision making.

In honor of Kent D. Williamson