Albert Somers offers teachers a vast compendium of resources for teaching poetry in a highly accessible format.


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If you were teaching poetry in high school, which poems would you select? Those you studied in first-year English because they were "classics"? Would you teach form and technique? What about rap? Albert Somers answers these and other questions, offering the teacher a vast compendium of resources in a highly accessible format. The book also offers:

  • over 40 complete poems
  • a discussion of assessment issues
  • poetry across the curriculum
  • poetry on the Internet

A comprehensive resource for teachers, this book presents practical ideas and myriad ways for teachers and students to discover the joys of poetry.
234 pp. 1999. Grades 9–12.  ISBN 10: 0-8141-5289-9; ISBN 13: 978-0-8141-5289-8.
No. 52899