This collection offers 23 articles on how English language arts teachers can deal with both the paper load and the electronic load, with suggestions grounded in sound teaching practices.


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This sequel to NCTE’s bestselling How to Handle the Paper Load offers new ways to respond to student writing that take into account both the increased pressures teachers face in the digital age and recent findings on peer groups and portfolios. With a major new section on the electronic resources that have added an ever-growing dimension to students’ and teachers’ writing lives, teachers will learn to manage the increasing paper load while at the same time involving students in their own learning.

“Good teaching is knowing the options available to you,” says editor Jeffrey N. Golub; “the articles in this volume will greatly expand your repertoire of worthwhile options.” The 23 essays—focusing on classroom practices, portfolios, peer review and evaluation, and the expanding electronic paper load—offer teachers in secondary and postsecondary settings exciting, classroom-tested strategies for responding to writing that will both involve students in their own learning and leave teachers with the time and energy they need to give students their best. 160 pp. 2005. Grades 7–College.
ISBN 10: 0-8141-3210-3; ISBN 13: 978-0-8141-3210-4.