Edited by Bruce McComiskey, this collection of essays addresses the question "What is English studies?" and treats each component of the discipline as a separate but equal partner in the larger discipline.


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Well-known scholars in the field explore the important qualities and functions of English studies’ constituent disciplines—Ellen Barton on linguistics and discourse analysis, Janice Lauer on rhetoric and composition, Katharine Haake on creative writing, Richard Taylor on literature and literary criticism, Amy Elias on critical theory and cultural studies, and Robert Yagelski on English education—and the productive differences and similarities among them that define English studies’ continuing importance.

Faculty and students in both undergraduate and graduate courses will find the volume an invaluable overview of an increasingly fragmented field, as will department administrators who are responsible for evaluating the contributions of diverse faculty members but whose academic training may be specific to one discipline.

Each chapter of English Studies is an argument for the value—the right to equal status—of each individual discipline among all English studies disciplines, yet the book is also an argument for disciplinary integration.
Refiguring English Studies series. 339 pp. 2006. College. ISBN 978-0-8141-1544-2.

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