In this jargon-free guide, Renee Hobbs clarifies principles for applying copyright law to 21st-century education, discusses what is permissible in the classroom, and explores the fair use of digital materials.


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Foreword by Donna Alvermann

Finally, a book that dispels confusion around the use of copyrighted materials in the classroom!

Today, educators and students have access to a vast, rich array of online materials that can be used for instruction, but these resources often remain untapped because of confusion over copyright laws.

In this slim, jargon-free guide, media literacy expert Renee Hobbs presents simple principles for applying copyright law and the doctrine of fair use to 21st-century teaching and learning. Complete with a ready-to-go staff development workshop, this book explores:

  • What is permissible in the classroom
  • Fair use of digital materials such as images, music, movies, and Internet elements found on sites such as Google and YouTube
  • Trends in intellectual property law and copyright practices
  • Classroom projects using copyrighted materials

Copyright Clarity helps educators unlock Internet and digital media resources to classrooms while respecting the rights of copyright holders.

For supporting videos, slide presentations, and curriculum materials, see also

"This book cuts to the heart of uncertainties about how copyright and fair use apply in the classroom, addressing common misperceptions and laying out the current understandings of intellectual property law in clear engaging prose."
—Henry Jenkins, Provost's Professor of Communication, Journalism, and Cinematic Art, University of Southern California

"This long-awaited book relieves educators’ anxieties about the legality of using copyrighted materials during instruction and presentations. In addition to answering questions about fair use practice in an easy-to-understand manner, Hobbs offers examples of how technology supports essential literacy and communication skills in 21st-century classrooms."
—Diane Lapp, Distinguished Professor of Education, San Diego State University

Corwin Press and NCTE. 128 pp. 2010. Grades K–12. ISBN 978-1-4129-8159-0.
No. 08717