The second volume in the Continuing the Journey series focuses on authentic writing instruction for the high school classroom.

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Ken Lindblom and Leila Christenbury return with the second volume in the Continuing the Journey series, this time focusing on authentic writing instruction for middle and high school classrooms.

The authors draw on what research has taught them about writing—concepts deeply rooted in personal identity and real-world experience—and why we must teach writing accurately, effectively, and fearlessly.

As in the previous volume, the book includes visits to an ideal Teachers’ Lounge, featuring highly experienced colleagues and well-known researchers in English teaching. Topics covered include responding to student writing, handling the paper load, teaching grammar and usage in the context of writing, and seeking real-world feedback.

Although once again focusing on a veteran English teacher audience, Lindblom and Christenbury provide a wealth of information, advice, and resources that will help teachers at any stage of their careers better support their students’ writing both in and out of school.

Continuing the Journey Series. 178 pp. 2018. Grades 6–12